What to expect from your car accident lawyer in Fort Wayne?

After getting injured in a car accident in Fort Wayne, you would want to file a claim and recover compensation from the driver responsible for the mishap. Indiana’s fault-based system is transparent, but victims often don’t get their due, primarily because they fail to understand the state laws and act on time. Top law firms like Delventhal Law Office, LLC have experienced lawyers who can guide you at every step. Here’s what you can expect if you are hiring an accident lawyer.

Patient enough to answer your questions

A skilled and seasoned attorney will not hesitate to answer questions Homelockssmith. The first meeting with an accident lawyer is always free, and this is a great chance to know them better and ask things related to your claim. Lawyers cannot guarantee an outcome for any case, but they have the experience to share an overview of the claim’s worth and the expected settlement.

Proactive in pursuing the claim

Lawyers must investigate a car accident and find more details related to fault and liability. If an attorney is not proactive or doesn’t swing into action immediately, they will lose time and evidence. Expect your legal team to work on the case without delay and rely on their resources to find valuable details. You know an accident lawyer is serious when they want to proceed immediately.

A contingency fee

You can also expect an injury lawyer to take your car accident lawsuit on a contingency fee. Such arrangement doesn’t involve an hourly rate or a retainer price. The lawyer will take a fixed percentage or share of your compensation, and it could range from 30% to 40%. If the case is complex and is likely to end up in trial, your accident lawyer will charge on the higher side.

Clear with communication

Lawyers know that clients often feel exasperated and want to get updates on their car crash claims. Top law firms have legal teams in place to answer queries and emails, and you will have no trouble contacting your accident lawyer. While you shouldn’t expect new information every week, you should have access to the lawyer’s office.


You can expect a known accident lawyer to have credible experience handling similar cases. They will offer references on request and will talk about their top lawsuits and settlements. You can also check online reviews to know a law firm better.

Call an attorney for a quick case assessment businessworld247 of your car accident claim.

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