What are the Common Grounds for Divorce in Birmingham?

Many factors can contribute to the reasons for divorce but there are some that stand out as the most common in Birmingham. Financial problems, lack of emotional intimacy, and infidelity are just a few of the causes why couples might choose to terminate their marriage legally and sensibly.

A Birmingham divorce attorney can help you with your divorce proceeding. You can consult an attorney to deal with the matters of the divorce in the most civilized manner possible to avoid any complications that can develop into a more complicated legal mess. 

It is important to be armed with the right information and facts on what grounds you can file for a divorce. In fact, if you are not fully aware of how your relationship can be affected and what could be the potential for your marriage, it will likely result in a nasty battle instead of an amicable breakup, which is never a good idea factnewsph

Here are some common grounds for divorce in Birmingham.

  • Adultery

Adultery is a legal ground for divorce. In order for adultery to be proven, sexual relations with the other partner must have taken place either in person or via electronic means such as email, phone calls, etc. You can also be charged with adultery after you have been separated from your spouse for at least six months already. 

  • Incompatibility

A marriage is considered to be incompatible when the two spouses live in different residences and are unable to meet each other’s needs or expectations. This will cause a breakdown of your relationship and most often, lead to an ending of your marriage.

  • Addiction

The spouse who is addicted to drugs or alcoholic beverages can file for divorce at any time. In order for this to be proven, your spouse must have been aware of their addiction and the consequences of their activities on the health and well-being of your family as well as on the progress of your relationship.

  • Domestic violence

Domestic violence is against the law in every state. It can be proven only if the other spouse was subjected to physical violence, sexual violence, or verbal abuse. This may become a grounds for divorce even if you don’t want to separate just because you are afraid that your husband or wife might kill or hurt you partyguise

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