The Differences Between the NFL and College Football

If you’ve watched a college football game, you may have noticed that the ball size is a little different from that of the NFL. The NFL football’s tolerances allow for some differences between the sizes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not comparable. One of the most exciting things a baseball fan can do is go to a college football game like Michigan football, where they can compare and contrast the game with an NFL game. College football uses smaller balls that have a more accurate weight. Unlike the NFL, college football has no stripes, but it’s a lot easier for players to catch them.

The footballs used by college football teams are one-quarter inch smaller than those used in the NFL. This difference in size makes a big difference on the field of play. College footballs typically have a circumference of 20 3/4 to 21 1/4 inches. As a result, they are less likely to be damaged by the impact of a quarterback’s shoulder. But there are still other differences between NFL and college football footballs.

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The NFL and NCAA also handle overtime differently. The NFL allows for body contact and a coin toss to choose kicker and receiver. If no-one scores in overtime, the game ends as a tie and the playoffs continue until a winner is determined. The NFL also has a sudden-death quarter. This gives the losing team more time to recover after being down for more than two minutes.

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The NFL has 32 teams and eight divisions. The NFL playoff formula is based on 32 teams, while the Football Bowl Subdivision uses 129 teams and is spread across 10 conferences and a few independents. The AP poll voters can’t keep up with all of these teams, and the College Football Playoff Committee isn’t able to make educated decisions without all of the information.

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