Is College Football Worth Watching?

As an English NFL fan, I often wonder: is college football worth watching? Probably not, but the sport is still worth watching, especially if you’re from the English countryside. I’m a fan of football and rugby and, as such, I find the game fascinating. As an English fan, I also find it interesting to see how Americans have taken the sport and made it their own.

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Of course, college football has its flaws. The labor situation has been dicey for decades, too much money gets coalesced at the top, and only a few teams have a real shot at the national title. There are major health issues, and teams hire dull retread coaches who are fired after three years. Still, it’s worth watching for the sheer fun of it.

I watched the first game of the season on TV. It’s not just about the NFL – there are millions of fans in college football. Thanks to televised games, the audience doesn’t miss a second of the action. However, the stadium experience is a different story. In a real stadium, adrenaline pumps and the senses stay on overdrive. As a fan, I jumped up and cheered as a wide receiver ran down the field, and I even high-fived a teammate after a touchdown.

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As an English NFL fan, is college football worth watching? While watching college football isn’t worth a huge amount of money, I’m still not a huge fan of American football. Why? Because it’s boring, low scoring, and utterly mind-numbing. Moreover, college football isn’t really that interesting on the field. Regardless of your nationality, it’s not for me.

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