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Is a Galaxy S21 Good to Use in 2022?

While the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra may not be the latest model in the Galaxy S Series, it is immensely powerful and will still feel the same in 2022. It has a 12-GB RAM, a Samsung Exynos 2100 processor, and uses the OneUI 4.0 software over Android 12.

There are some differences between the S21 and the S22, including the battery size. The S21 is slightly larger than the Galaxy S22, but its battery capacity is nearly identical. Compared to the S22, it’s cheaper to buy a S21 from a third-party vendor. The S21 Ultra has 16GB of RAM, while the S22 has just 12GB.

The S21 series was launched with a promise of three Android upgrades and four over four years. It also received Android 12.1, just a few weeks behind Google. While the S21 series lacks the top-tier hardware, it is an excellent value for the price. As long as you can afford to purchase the latest model, it will last you until 2022. That’s a compelling package for any user.

The S21 Ultra has a gigantic screen, and its battery is a decent size. On a mixed-use day, it will last more than a day, and two days with light use. If you’re using it for work, the battery will last you more than two days. However, if you’re using it for playtime, you’ll have to charge it up more often, so you’ll need to be ready to make some changes.

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