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How Smaller Truck Tires Affect the Truck

Smaller truck tires can improve handling and traction, but they can also increase engine RPMs. Although they may give better traction, smaller truck tires increase the weight of the truck. If you’re worried about this, consider getting bigger tires instead. They may make your truck more fuel efficient, but they will increase engine heat. You’ll need to adjust the speedometer, so check the specs and calibrate it before you go out for a drive.

When choosing new tires for your truck, check its backspacing and offset to make sure you get the right fit. Putting larger tires on a smaller truck may not work because of its stance and suspension. Getting bigger tires might also lead to rubbing the wheel with the suspension and other parts. To measure the backspacing and offset of your existing tires, use a jack stand and a solid object on the edge of the wheel. Backspacing is the distance from the bottom of the straight edge to the mounting face of the wheel.

Besides the size of the tires, the towing capacity of a truck also determines the size of its tires. Bigger tires reduce towing capacity, which means a smaller truck with larger tires will need to be much more powerful to pull that weight. Moreover, larger tires will reduce acceleration. Changing the tire size can affect speedometer accuracy and the odometer. Other problems may occur such as improper handling or steering response.

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