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How Far Can a Semi Truck Travel With a Popped Rear Tire?

The answer is far more than you might think. If you’re a semi truck driver, a popped tire is a serious issue. Here’s how to deal with it. First, if you’re in a position to drive, pull off the road. If possible, use a slight braking force to slow down. Doing so might make it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle. Second, be sure to pull over safely and facing away from traffic. Third, do not make the mistake of slamming on the brakes or suddenly stopping.

A large percentage of a truck’s tire blowouts are caused by underinflated tires. Depending on the manufacturer, tires should be inflated to the recommended level. Trucks’ tire pressure can drop significantly with extended use, so it’s imperative to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the tire is underinflated, the driver may be risking a blowout, which could cause a catastrophic accident.

A broken leaf spring can also cause a blown tire. Broken springs may also cause a truck to slouch. The lowered fender will make steering impossible. This means the driver cannot control the truck. This is why a broken spring can be dangerous. It is advisable to avoid driving with a broken spring, and to drive in an area where the road is not too busy.

Another common reason for a tire blowout is improper cargo loading. In order to operate on the Interstate System, a truck should not exceed the maximum gross weight. In addition to overloading a truck, it’s also a risky practice to use the wrong size or mismatch tires. The consequences of a blown tire can be devastating, and can make it impossible for the driver to keep control of the vehicle.

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