How Can I Get My Unpaid Wages Legally- Should I Hire an Attorney?

If your employer owes you wages and is not willing to pay, you can use certain rights to obtain it. Many employees remain unpaid because the boss failed to pay them overtime and other benefits and does not even take interest in doing so. In this scenario, it is suggested to contact an employment lawyer New York, who can help you get the pay for the work and the number of hours you have worked for. You are entitled to get paid for the time you have spent in the company on-demand.

Filing for unpaid wages

If you are planning to file for unpaid wages, you should contact an employment lawyer because these laws are complex and you may not have the right knowledge and information about them. An attorney will review the matter and ensure if there stands a valid case. If you are entitled to get the payment from your employer, he will be able to assist you in the best possible way. A lot of documents need to be submitted when it comes to filing to get your unpaid wages and a lawyer will help you in doing so.

Investigate your wage claim

Depending on the number of hours you have worked for the company and your pay structure, he can investigate how much amount you need to be paid. If the employer has not tracked your overtime but you have the details, the attorney will look at them and ensure that every minute gets paid according to the employment laws of the state you live in. the employer can be sued for violating the minimum wage and the law can consider it as wage theft. The necessary actions can immediately be taken once the employee is able to produce the relevant documents.

He can negotiate with your employer

Most of the time, the employer can make an offer from his side so that the employee does not file a lawsuit. In this case, he gets in touch with the attorney. However, the lawyer does not offer this offer because he wants to make sure the employee should at least get what he deserves according to minimum wage. He does not let an employee accept the lower offer. 

An employment lawyer has experience in dealing with such cases. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire him rather than fighting with your employer for the payment.

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