Back To School Driving Tips 

Going to school for the first time after vacations or a long break can be somewhat a nervous experience. The traffic is heavier on the streets, which also means an increased probability of accidents. There are more buses, cars, and pedestrians walking on the road. To help with this transition, it is important that everyone follows the right tips. 

The first week after a vacation is the most hectic part, as people are yet to get used to the fact that the holidays are over. If you have got involved in a back-to-school rush accident, you may be able to get compensation. click here to find the best lawyers. 

Back-to-school driving tips 

  • Stop when you see a school bus with its lights on. 

You may have seen children being excited, jumping, and running when getting on or off the school bus. They may run to and from the school bus and even across the road. When you see a school bus on the road, slow down and stop well behind it. See if there are any kids running around and slowly overtaking the vehicle instead of rushing by it. Stop when its lights are flashing. 

  • Observe school zone speeds. 

It is important to obey all speed limits on the road. However, obeying them around schools is especially more important. School children, especially young ones, may run around the streets and across the road. They get distracted easily and may get in the way of something dangerous. That is why it is important to slow down around schools and stay vigilant. 

  • Plan ahead. 

If school is starting again and you plan on taking a different route, it is better to check it first and do a trial run. You will be able to know which way you need to go and how long it will take to reach. Parents often have less time to drop their kids at school before heading to their work office, so they feel stressed. Trying the route beforehand will avoid delays. 

  • Obey the crossing guards. 

Crossing guards are meant to help people cross the road safely. Children often trust the crossing guard to tell them when is the right time to cross the road. Ignoring the crossing guard can put the children at risk as they usually do not observe the traffic or do not know how to. 

  • Be alert. 

Back to school means sharing the road with a lot of young and carefree people. Children cannot be trusted not to cause a nuisance on the road. After all, they are children. Being alert is the only proper way to avoid problems. 

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