5 steps to take after an on-the-job injury in Virginia

Getting injured in a workplace accident can be a traumatizing experience. All employees in Virginia are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits (employers are mandatorily required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, you may not get the expected help from the insurance company as these are businesses looking for premiums and not settlements. Your immediate step should be to consult a Virginia Beach workers’ compensation lawyer. Here’s what you need to do in five easy steps. 

  1. Notify your employer. You should inform your employer without any delay, and possibly, on the same day. As per Virginia laws, you have 30 days to notify your employer, but it is always better to do that sooner. That’s because it would be harder to prove that your injuries have resulted from the accident at work. 
  2. Report the injury to the insurance company. Your employer is expected to notify the insurance company. At times, employers take a step back and may ask the injured worker to get treatment on their own. This is often done to reduce the premiums that employers pay. As per Virginia laws, the insurance company must approve the medical treatment that you may need to recover from the injury, and therefore, you must inform the company without delay. If your employer refuses to take note, you can share the info with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. 
  3. Get the medical care and treatment you need. It is important that you don’t delay seeking treatment for your injuries. Remember that the doctor is the only expert who would share whether your current condition would allow you to work. Ask the doctor for a work status note, which will mention key details along with work restrictions (if any).
  4. Complete the Claim Form with the Commission. No matter whether the insurance company is paying for your medical care or not, you should file a claim form and submit the same with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Remember that there is a 2-year deadline set as per the statute of limitations for the filing of claims. 
  5. Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer. Top law firms would allow you to meet their attorneys for free to discuss the key aspects of your workers’ compensation claim. Your lawyer can guide you on key aspects, including how you can deal with the paperwork better.

Call a workers’ compensation lawyer to get a free initial consultation, and many lawyers would share their strategy plan for free. 





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